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Indonesia: Further information on fear of torture

, Index number: ASA 21/080/1997

Constancio dos Santos, Jojo dos Santos, Francisco Caldeira, Eduardo - possibly called Jose Ximenes: believed to be detained in Dili; Joaquim Santana, Ivo Miranda, Domingos Natalino Coelho da Silva, Fernando [Fernao] Lebre - previously Lere, Nuno dos Santos: believed to be detained in Semarang; Germano Lebre, Julio Santana and Soares, not thought to be in detention: The individuals detained in Dili and Semarang are reportedly being subjected to ill-treatment and torture including electric shocks. Amnesty International is also concerned that the detainees are experiencing restrictions concerning access to independent legal counsel. It is believed that one of the five above-named men detained in Semarang has been released due to lack of evidence.

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