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Indonesia: Further information on fear for safety / possible prisoners of conscience / torture / medical concern / prisoner of conscience

, Index number: ASA 21/064/1996

Released: Hendrik Dikson Sirait, aged 24 student activist, Abadi Halawa, student, Ganda Manurung, student, Freddy Manurung, student, Mangasi, student, Simson Simanjuntak, student, Ronald Naibaho, student, Parlindungan Sibuea, Benny Sumardi (previously listed as Benny S), Budi Pratong, Syamsul Bachri, 28 alleged PRD activists in Bali: Thirty-nine people arrested in the past weeks for their alleged involvement in the disturbances in Jakarta on 27 and 28 July have been released from detention. Some of them were released on bail and are still facing charges. It seems that others are being questioned as witnesses in relation to other cases.

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