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East Timor: Possible "disappearance" / fear for safety

, Index number: ASA 21/033/1997

Domingos Laranjeira, Marcelino Fransisco dos Santos, Jose Sobral, Fransisco Maria dos Santos (alias Soce Solep): There is concern for the safety of four East Timorese who according to unconfirmed reports were arrested at a security checkpoint on 30 March 1997. They have not been seen since.

EXTERNAL AI Index: ASA 21/33/97
UA 129/97 Possible "disappearance" / Fear for safety 2 May 1997
EAST TIMORDomingos Laranjeira (36)
Marcelino Fransisco dos Santos (29)
Jose Sobral (40)
Fransisco Maria dos Santos (alias Soce Solep) (40)
Four East Timorese, believed to have been arrested on 30 March 1997, have not
been seen since. There are serious concerns for their safety.
According to unconfirmed information, Domingos Laranjeira, Marcelino Fransisco
dos Santos, Jose Sobral and Fransisco Maria dos Santos stopped on their
motorbikes at a security checkpoint in the subdistrict of Atabae Kabupatan
Bobonara in the west of East Timor where they were arrested and taken to Dili.
Their families have had no information about the four men since then.
The lack of information about their whereabouts and reasons for their arrest
also raises fears that they may be killed or "disappeared".
Amnesty International is also concerned that the if in custody, the four may
be subjected to torture or ill-treatment - routine both in police and military
custody in East Timor.
Arbitrary detention, torture, "disappearance" and extrajudicial executions
of individuals suspected of links with the resistance continue in East Timor.
Individuals taken into both police and military custody are routinely subjected
to ill-treatment and torture, particularly during interrogation. The risk of
torture is heightened because detainees are generally denied access to legal
counsel and to their families. In addition, restrictions are placed by the
Indonesian authorities on access to East Timor for independent human rights
RECOMMENDED ACTION: Please send telegrams/express/airmail letters in Bahasa
Indonesia, English or your own language:
- urging the authorities to establish and make public the whereabouts of Domingos
Laranjeira, Marcelino Fransisco dos Santos, Jose Sobral and Fransisco Maria
dos Santos, and to give the reasons for their arrest;
- seeking guarantees that if the four are still in custody none of them will
be subjected to torture or ill-treatment and urging that they be allowed
immediate and continuing access to their families and to lawyers.
Chief of Police for East Timor
Lt. Col. Mucharam
Kapolda Timor Timur
East Timor (Indonesia)
Telegrams: Kapolda Timor Timur, Dili, East Timor
Salutation: Dear Lt. Col Mucharam
Military Commander Region IX/Udayana
(Covers Bali, Lombok, Nusa Tenggara and East Timor)
Major General Rivai
Pangdam IX/Udayana
Markas Besar KODAM IX/Udayana
Denpasar, Bali
Telegrams: Pangdam IX, Udayana, Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia
Salutation: Dear Major General Rivai
National Commission on Human Rights
Komisi Nasional Hak Asazi Manusia (Komnas HAM)
Alex Refialy SH
Jalan Dr Antonio de Carveho
Dili, East Timor
and to diplomatic representatives of Indonesia accredited to your country.
PLEASE SEND APPEALS IMMEDIATELY. Check with the International Secretariat,
or your section office, if sending appeals after 20 June 1997.

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