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Further information on UA 112/91 (ASA 21/05/91, 26 March and follow-ups ASA 21/08/91, 25 April, ASA 21/13/91, 31 July and ASA 21/17/91, 16 October) - Indonesia: fear of imminent execution: Kamjai Khong Thavorn

, Index number: ASA 21/026/1992

The Supreme Court of Indonesia has refused to review the case of Kamjai Khong Thavorn, sentenced to death in January 1988 for drug smuggling. Defence lawyers had asked for the review, saying that they had found new evidence of Kamjai Khong Thavorn's innocence. Defence lawyers have also alleged that his request for presidential clemency was unlawfully made by a jail officer; the officer reportedly asked Kamjai, who speaks no Indonesian, to sign a paper he said was a release document. AI fears that Kamjai Khong Thavorn is in danger of imminent execution.

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