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Further information on UA 366/92 (ASA 21/17/92, 23 November and follow-ups ASA 21/19/92, 24 November, ASA 21/20/92, 26 November and ASA 21/21/92, 30 November) - Indonesia / East Timor: legal concern / fear of torture / new concern: death in custody: Xanan

, Index number: ASA 21/023/1992

Xanana Gusmao, the East Timorese resistance leader, and at least 20 of his relatives and friends remain in incommunicado detention in violation of Indonesian and international law. At least one of the detained, Jorge Manuel Araujo Serrano, is reported to have been tortured to death; there are fears that the others have also been tortured or ill-treated. There are reports that at least two of the women have been raped. Xanana Gusmao appeared in a televised recording broadcast on 1 December, appearing to call for an end to East Timorese resistance and apologize for having organized the march in Dili in 1991, when armed forces killed over 100 civilians. Unnamed sources within the police suggest that he has been tortured and is in a poor emotional state.

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