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Indonesia: Conditional release of political prisoners, hundreds remain in jail

, Index number: ASA 21/021/1993

At least four Indonesian political prisoners were conditionally released in August and several others had their sentences reduced. There is concern, however, at the continued detention of hundreds of others, at least 180 of whom are prisoners of conscience, who remain in jail serving lengthy sentences imposed after unfair political trials, some under sentence of death. Prisoner of conscience Andi Mappetahang Fatwa, a 54-year-old Muslim preacher sentenced to 18 years' imprisonment in 1985, was conditionally released on 23 August. Three other political prisoners, Abdul Qadir Djaelani, Muhammad Tasrif Tuasikal and Eddy Ramli, were released on 24 August. Dr Thomas Wainggai, Arswendo Atmowiloto and Mohammad Sansui had their sentences reduced.

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