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UA 228/94 - Indonesia / East Timor: "disappearance" / fear of torture: Filomeno da Silva Pereira, Francisco Miranda Branco, Gregorio da Cunha Saldanha, Jacinto das Neves Raimundo Alves, Juvencio de Jesus Martins, Saturnino da Costa Belo

, Index number: ASA 21/018/1994

The six East Timorese prisoners named above, jailed after the Santa Cruz massacre of November 1991, are reported to have "disappeared" after being removed from the prison in Dili where they are serving their sentences. Relatives who went to visit were told that they had been led away in handcuffs by a unit of the Police Mobile Brigade on 9 or 10 June 1994. As of 12 June, relatives had been unable to locate them and the authorities denied knowledge of their whereabouts.

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