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Indonesia: Imminent Execution

, Index number: ASA 21/008/2006

A spokesperson for the Attorney General has announced that 16 people sentenced to death for drug trafficking will be executed imminently. The 16 are Okonwo Nonso Kingsley, Humphrey Ejike, Gap Nadi, Eugene Ape, Ek Fere Dike Ola Kamala, Michael Titus Igweh, Hillary K Chimize, Bunyong Kaosa Ard, Indra Bahadur Taman, Namaona Denis, Deny, A Yam, Jun Nao, Deni Setiawan Maharwan, Meirika Franola and Rani Andriani alisa Melisa Aprilia. According to the spokesperson's statement the 16, who include six Indonesian nationals, seven Nigerian nationals, one Nepali national, one Malawian national and one Thai national, have all exhausted all legal avenues for appeal.

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