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UA 297/92 - India: illegal detention / "disappearance": Param Satinderjit Singh

, Index number: ASA 20/049/1992

AI is concerned about the safety of Param Satinderjit Singh, who was arrested on 18 May 1992 by Amritsar police and has since apparently "disappeared". According to reports, there is no record of his arrest or charges against him. It is thought that he may be held in Amritsar or Majitha district. His father has reportedly been on hunger-strike for the last 15 days outside the office of the Senior Superintendent of Police in Amritsar, urging the police to disclose the whereabouts of his son. AI has as yet received no reply to a letter to the Chief Minister of Punjab sent on 17 June 1992, requesting information about Param Satinderjit Singh's whereabouts and physical state.

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