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Further information on UA 204/91 (ASA 20/26/91, 12 June) - India: extrajudicial execution: 17 civilians (now 25) including: Tahir Ahmad Sheikh, Ghulam Mohammed, the wife (aged 75) of Ghulam Hassan Khan (name not known), Mohammed Sayeed Baihaqi and his bro

, Index number: ASA 20/027/1991

EXTERNAL (for general distribution) AI Index: ASA 20/27/91
Distr: UA/SC
13 June 1991
Further information on (ASA 20/26/91, 12 June 1991) - Extrajudicial Executions
INDIA: 17 civilians (now 25) including
Tahir Ahmad Sheikh,
Ghulam Mohammed
The wife (aged 75) of Ghulam Hassan Khan (name not known)
Mohammed Sayeed Baihaqi and his brother
Mushtaq Ahmed (aged 10)
Abdur Rasheed Mistri
Ghulam Hassan Dar
Mukhtar Ahmed Butt
and others.
On 13 June Amnesty International received reports that the number of victims
of alleged extrajudicial killings in the Chota Bazaar district of Srinagar,
Kashmir, had risen from 17 to 25 people, all of whom were civilians. The killings
in Chota Bazaar took place 4km away from Zainakadal district where armed Kashmiri
separatists had earlier shot dead a member of the Central Reserve Police Force
(CRPF). The killings were carried out by a different unit of the CRPF from
the one that was alleged to have been attacked.
The Senior Superintendent of Police on 12 June reportedly admitted that
25 civilians were killed. Eye-witnesses claimed that after an exchange of fire
with the militants the security forces fired on pedestrians and shop-keepers
in several locations away from where the security forces had originally come
under attack. The official version of the story is that the security forces
were fired upon in three different places in Srinagar resulting in the death
of one member of the paramilitary, and that it was in crossfire that civilian
bystanders were killed.
An official statement issued in Srinagar on 13 June admitted that there
were "indications of uncontrolled firing by the security forces" and added
that the full facts of the incident are under inquiry. The statement went on
to say that the security forces involved in the incident had been withdrawn
and that an inquiry was being conducted by the government's most senior
investigative agency, the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI). The state
government has reportedly announced that Rs. 100,000 compensation will be given
to the families of the victims. The local police have reportedly registered
a criminal case of murder under Section 302 of the Indian Penal Code against
members of the CRPF allegedly involved.
Amnesty International has now obtained the following details about
civilians who, according to eyewitnesses, were indiscriminately killed by the
security forces in the Chota Bazaar district of Srinagar, apparently in
retaliation for the shooting of one of their men: Tahir Ahmad Sheikh, killed
outside the medical college; Ghulam Mohammed, a storekeeper at the same college
who was reportedly dragged from his shop onto the street and shot; the
75-year-old wife of Ghulam Hassan Khan, who was shot outside the National School
Building while sitting in an auto-rickshaw; Mohammed Sayeed Baihaqi and his
brother, both of whom were shot dead in an autorickshaw
page 2 of FU 204/91
while their nephew survived the shooting and is receiving treatment in hospital;
Mushtaq Ahmed, a 10-year-old boy; Abdur Rasheed Mistri, the owner of a mechanics
workshop who according to one eyewitness was killed in cold blood by three
members of the CRPF who entered his workshop opposite the National School
Building and shot him despite his pleadings for mercy; and Ghulam Hassan Dar
and Mukhtar Ahmed Butt.
FURTHER RECOMMENDED ACTION: Telegrams/faxes and airmail letters:
- welcoming the inquiry by the Central Bureau of Investigation, but expressing
concern that the reports from previous inquiries have not been published;
- urging the government to publish the inquiry report, or at least its findings,
as soon as it is completed;
- welcoming, and seeking confirmation, of the reports that the security forces
concerned have been withdrawn and that the victims' families have been granted
- urging that adequate compensation be paid to the families of all those killed
or injured as a result of indiscriminate firing by the security forces;
- urging that any members of the security forces found responsible for the
extrajudicial killings be brought to justice.
His Excellency
Mr Girish Saxena
Governor of Jammu and Kashmir
Jammu and Kashmir, India
Telegrams: Governor Jammu and Kashmir, Srinagar, India
His Excellency
Prime Minister Chandra Shekhar
Office of the Prime Minister
South Block, Gate No 6
New Delhi 110 011, India
Telegrams: Prime Minister Shekhar, New Delhi, India
Faxes: + 91 11 301 6781
(via Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
Mr Subodh Kant Sahay
Minister of State for Home Afairs
Ministry of Home Affairs
North Block
New Delhi 110 001, India
and to diplomatic representatives of India in your country.
PLEASE SEND APPEALS IMMEDIATELY. Check with the International Secretariat,
or your section office, if sending appeals after 25 July 1991.

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