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UA 06/93 - India: fear of "disappearance": Ranjit Singh, Harnam Singh and Paramjit Singh

, Index number: ASA 20/004/1993

AI continues to receive reports of "disappearances" from the Punjab, the most recent examples of which are the cases of the three men named above. Ranjit Singh was taken from his home in Kaler Mangat, Amritsar by police from Tarn Taran Police Station. They returned to the house with Ranjit on 19 November 1992 and seized some documents. This was the last time his relatives saw him. The police refuse to say where he is being held. Harnam Singh, aged 30, and Paramjit Singh, aged 28, were taken from their place of residence by plainclothes police on 16 December 1992. The family has not received any satisfactory information regarding their whereabouts.

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