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People's Republic of China: Harassment and surveillance of the families of dissidents in China during the World Conference on Women

, Index number: ASA 17/084/1995

At least 10 relatives of prisoners of conscience and dissidents are known to have been detained, restricted or harassed by police in Beijing and elsewhere during the past four weeks apparently in an attempt to prevent contacts between them and foreign visitors or journalists during the Fourth World Conference on Women and the NGO Forum of Women, held in Beijing during August and September 1995. They include Wang Zhihong, wife of prisoner of conscience Chen Ziming; Wang Lingyun, mother of former student leader and prisoner of conscience Wang Dan; Zhu Hailian, wife of the labour activist and prisoner of conscience Liu Nianchun; Yan Huili, wife of prisoner of conscience Zhang Xianliang; and Ding Zilin, professor at the People's University of Beijing and a human rights activist, who was arrested with her husband, Jiang Peikun, on 18 August and was not released until after the conference on 30 September.

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