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UA 377/91 - The People's Republic of China: fear of ill-treatment: Liu Gang, Tang Yuanjuan, Zhang Ming, Li Wei, Leng Wanbao, Kong Xianfeng

, Index number: ASA 17/066/1991

EXTERNAL (for general distribution) AI Index: ASA 17/66/91
Distr: UA/SC
UA 377/91 Fear of Ill-treatment 8 November 1991
Tang Yuanjuan
Zhang Ming
Li Wei
Leng Wanbao
Kong Xianfeng
A statement issued on 6 November by supporters of the above-named six prominent dissidents
imprisoned in north-east China demands the release of all political prisoners and an end
to prison beatings. The statement says that prisoners at the Lingyuan labour camp in Liaoning
province are frequently beaten with fists, electrified batons and leather belts; they are
forced to work up to 14 hours a day and beaten if their work does not come up to standard.
The statement also says that prisoners are held in overcrowded cells and that medical care
and nutrition is poor.
According to the statement these six dissidents, who are held at Lingyuan, are planning
to start a hunger strike on 15 November in protest against the prison conditions and
ill-treatment of prisoners. Liu Gang, Zhang Ming and Kong Xianfeng are all students and
Tang Yuanjuan, Li Wei and Leng Wanbao are workers from the Changchun no. 1 Car Manufacturing
Factory, (see AI's report, The Case of Tang Yuanjuan, ASA 17/47/91, July 1991). They have
been sentenced to prison terms ranging from three to 20 years' following trials which do
not meet internationally-recognized standards of fairness. They were charged with
"counter-revolutionary crimes". Amnesty International considers that they are prisoners
of conscience imprisoned for the peaceful exercise of their right to freedom of association
and expression.
The Lingyuan labour camp of Liaoning province reportedly holds 30 political prisoners and
several thousand ordinary criminals. Political prisoners are reportedly made to work longer
hours than other prisoners and also have to undergo lengthy political education sessions
before and after work. They are reportedly beaten if they fail to come up to the expected
standards. According to reports, both Liu Gang and Zhangming were ill-treated in the camp
earlier this year; one of Liu Gang's shoulders was reportedly injured as a result of beatings.
Liu Gang was also reported to have been ill-treated while held in detention in Beijing
before his transfer to Liaoning province. It is believed that he did not have access to
medical treatment.
Amnesty International is concerned about the reported ill-treatment of prisoners at the
Lingyuan labour camp. It is also concerned that the six prisoners may be punished and
ill-treated as a result of the threatened hunger-strike.
The Lingyuan labour camp in Liaoning Province is known as the Lingyuan General Car Factory
Training Brigade. Many convicted prisoners are sent to "reform through labour brigades".
The purpose of "reform through labour" is to "punish all counter-revolutionary and other
criminal offenders and to compel them to reform themselves through labour and become new
persons". These penal brigades constitute a part or whole of a prison factory, farm or
camp where offenders have to work a set number of hours per day.
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The planned hunger strike by the six prisoners is due to start on 15 November, the day
the US Secretary of State James Baker arrives in Beijing. James Baker is the highest-level
US official to visit China since the government crackdown on pro-democracy protesters in
June 1989. Human rights are expected to be one of the issues discussed during his two-day
visit to China.
RECOMMENDED ACTION: Telexes/faxes/airmail letters:
- expressing concern that ill-treatment reportedly takes place at the Lingyuan labour
camp of Liaoning Province and urging that these reports be impartially investigated in
accordance with the UN Convention against Torture and other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading
Treatment ratified by China in 1988;
- expressing concern about the well-being of the six prisoners (Liu Gang, Tang Yuanjuan,
Zhang Ming, Li Wei, Leng Wanbao and Kong Xianfeng); urging that they be treated in accordance
with international standards for the treatment of prisoners and that they be released
immediately and unconditionally.
1) Premier
LI Peng Zongli Your Excellency
Zhonghua Renmin Gongheguo
People's Republic of China
Telexes: 210070 FMPRC CN or 22478 MFERT CN
Faxes: + 86 1 512 0309; + 86 1 601 4562; + 86 1 512 5810
2) Director of Reform-through-Labour:
YAO Yunhui Juzhang Dear Director
14 Dongchangan Street
Dongcheng District
Beijing 100741
People's Republic of China
Faxes: + 86 1 408 1046
3) Procurator-General:
LIU Fuzhi Jianchazhang Dear Procurator
Zuigao Renmin Jianchayuan
Donganmen Beiheyan
Zhonghua Renmin Gongheguo
People's Republic of China
Faxes: +86 1 512 1158
Telexes: 210070 FMPRC CN or 22478 MFERT CN
(please forward to LIU Fuzhi Jianchazhang)
4) Governor of Liaoning Province:
Governor YUE Qifeng, Liaoning Province Dear Governor
Liaoningsheng Renmin Zhengfu
People's Republic of China
Telexes: 80039 LFAO CN or 80040 SYFAO CN
(please forward to YUE Qifeng Shengzhang)
5) Chief Procurator of Liaoning Province:
Chief Procurator XU Sheng Dear Procurator
Zuigao Renmin Jianchayuan
Donganmen Beiheyan
People's Republic of China
Telexes: 210070 FMPRC CN or 22478 MFERT CN
(please forward to XU Sheng Jianchazhang)
COPIES TO: Chinese diplomatic representatives in your country
PLEASE SEND APPEALS IMMEDIATELY. Check with the International Secretariat, or your section
office, if sending appeals after 20 December 1991.

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