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Further information on UA 28/92 (ASA 17/11/92, 24 January and follow-ups ASA 17/39/92, 7 July and ASA 17/41/92, 22 July) - People's Republic of China: legal / medical concern: Bao Tong, Gao Shan, Wu Jiaxiang

, Index number: ASA 17/046/1992


EXTERNAL (for general distribution) AI Index: ASA 17/46/92
Distr: UA/SC
11 August 1992
Further information on UA 28/92 (ASA 17/11/92, 24 January 1992) and follow-ups
ASA 17/39/92, 7 July 1992, and ASA 17/41/92, 22 July 1992 - Legal/medical concern
GAO Shan
WU Jiaxiang
Gao Shan, a senior official with close ties to the former Chinese Communist
Party leader, Zhao Ziyang, has been sentenced to four years' imprisonment.
The trial took place in secret at the Beijing People's Intermediate Court on
5 August 1992. A spokeswoman for the court said that Gao Shan was defended
by his wife and lawyer.
Gao Shan had been detained without trial for over three years. In January
1992 he was charged with "leaking state secrets".
Gao Shan, aged 39, was deputy director of the Research Centre for the Reform
of the Political Structure of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Central
Committee and a close associate of Bao Tong. Both men were arrested on 28
May 1989 for allegedly leaking secret information about the decision to impose
martial law. Gao Shan was reportedly beaten after his arrest.
Bao Tong who was sentenced to seven years' imprisonment on 21 July 1992 appealed
against his sentence but on 6 August his appeal was rejected by the Beijing
Municipal Higher People's Court. Appeals in China rarely succeed.
According to a report in the South China Morning Post dated 28 December 1991,
Wu Jiaxiang, a poet and political theorist, was reportedly "secretly tried"
but no verdict has been announced. Wu Jiaxiang was reportedly charged with
"counter-revolutionary propaganda" and "leaking state secrets". He was
arrested on 17 July 1989.
A member of the same research centre as Gao Shan and Bao Tong, Wu Jiaxiang
was instrumental in drafting theories on political reform in China.
Amnesty International believes that all three men are prisoners of conscience.
No further action is required under UA 28/92 (for further information please
see external document People's Republic of China: Appeal on behalf of senior
communist party official Bao Tong and his associate Gao Shan, AI index: ASA
17/45/92). Many thanks to all those who have sent appeals on their behalf.

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