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Further information on UA 164/93 (ASA 17/20/93, 19 May; and follow-ups ASA 17/21/93, 25 May and ASA 17/24/93, 17 June) - People's Republic of China (Tibet Autonomous Region): mass arrest / fear of ill-treatment: Lobsang Yonten, Gendun Rinchen, Damchoe Pem

, Index number: ASA 17/035/1993

According to a number of unofficial reports, Damchoe Pemo, who was arrested in Lhasa on 20 May 1993, miscarried a week later after police forced her to remain standing for at least 12 hours and beat her with electric batons. She was said to have been in a critical condition in early June. A Lhasa trader in her mid-twenties, she was reportedly four or five months pregnant when she was detained. Although a nurse has apparently been allowed to visit her in prison , it is not thought that she was transferred to hospital at any stage. She was detained on suspicion of belonging to a pro- independence organization, following the arrest of her uncle, Lobsang Gyaltsen on 15 May and her husband, Tashi Topgyal. At least 107 Tibetans were reportedly arrested between April and July.

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