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People's Republic of China: More dissidents arrested in the run up to Tiananmen anniversary

, Index number: ASA 17/023/1994

Several dissidents have reportedly been arrested in the days leading up to the fifth anniversary of the pro-democracy protests in Tiananmen. They include Jiang Qisheng, a 36-year-old aeronautics graduate, who was arrested in Beijing after giving an interview to the British newspaper, The Sunday Times. Wang Zhongqiu, a postgraduate law student and an organizer of the League for the Protection of the Rights of the Working People, was arrested in Beijing at the end of May 1994. Zhang Lin, a former pro-democracy activist was arrested on 2 June 1994. In Shanghai, following the arrest of five human rights activists, Bao Ge, a leading dissident, was arrested on 3 June 1994 after sending an open letter to the government calling for a national human rights organization to be set up. All four men are believed to be prisoners of conscience.

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