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People's Republic of China: Wang Juntao, Ren Wanding and Bao Tong - new health concerns

, Index number: ASA 17/022/1993

According to relatives and unofficial sources, the health of prisoners of conscience Wang Juntao, Ren Wanding and Bao Tong, has continued to deteriorate. According to Hou Xiaotian, Wang Juntao's wife, prison doctors have recommended that he be released on bail for specialist treatment. In addition to suffering from chronic hepatitis B and diabetes, he has also recently developed coronary heart disease. He and his wife have threatened to go on hunger-strike if he is not released. Bao Tong, aged 60, underwent surgery in April 1993 for the removal of a rectal polyp. He is still being held in solitary confinement. Ren Wanding's health is getting worse; he suffers from acute gastritis, chest infections and is losing his eyesight. He has apparently not received proper medical treatment.

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