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Further information on UA 47/94 (ASA 17/07/94, 14 February; and follow-up ASA 17/08/94, 17 February) - People's Republic of China: arbitrary detention / legal concern / ill-treatment: Zhang Yongliang, Tian Mingge, Zheng Xintai, 7 foreign Christians

, Index number: ASA 17/010/1994

Amnesty International has learned the names of all three Chinese Christians detained since 10 February in Henan province. They are Zhang Yongliang, aged 43, Tian Mingge, aged 59, and Zheng Xintai, aged 39. It has been reported that the Public Security Bureau (police) told the foreign Christians that the Chinese Christians had been released, but it is believed that the three are still being detained. There is no news on where they are being held. There is concern that they are at risk of ill-treatment, and may be prisoners of conscience.

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