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CHIRAN 01/92: People's Republic of China: Recent trials and arrests connected to the 1989 pro-democracy movement

, Index number: ASA 17/008/1992

Some of the recent trials and arrests of dissidents known to have taken place in China in recent months are reported here. Those tried were: Zhai Weimin, a student detained for over 18 months; Wu Jiaxiang, former aide to Zhao Ziyang, arrested on 17 July 1989; Wu Xuecan, former editor and journalist believed to have been in detention since July 1989; Peng Rong, a student held for over 19 months; Li Mingqi, a student leader arrested on 3 June 1990. Unofficial sources report that Qi Lin, a journalist arrested on 11 July 1991 was to be tried on 30 January, possibly in camera. The following are reported to have been arrested: Bao Mi, a writer; Wang Guoqi, Zhang Qianjin, Zhao Xin, Li Xiang, Chen Wei and Wang Tao, all students and Bao Tong, a close associate of Zhao Ziyang.

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