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Myanmar: "No place to hide": killings, abductions and other abuses against ethnic Karen villagers and refugees

, Index number: ASA 16/013/1995

The human rights situation in Myanamr's Kayin (Karen) State has deteriorated sharply since December 1994, when the Democratic Kayin Buddhist Organization (DKBO) broke away from the armed ethnic minority group, the Karen National Union (KNU). After the split, Myanmar's ruling military authority, the SLORC, decided to support the DKBO and renew its offensive against the KNU in the eastern part of Kayin State. This decision has had serious consquences both for the Karen population there and for Karen refugees in Thailand. This report is concerned mainly with events since November 1994 in the Kayin State and in adjoining areas of Thailand. It is based on evidence collected by AI delegates visiting Thailand in March and April 1995. (AI has not been permitted to visit Myanmar.) Topics covered include: attacks by the DKBA and SLORC on Karen refugees; abductions of KNU officals and camp administrators; arbitrary killings; human rights violations by the tatmadaw against Karen villagers, including forced portering; and human rights abuses by the Karen National Union.

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