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Bangladesh: thirteen-year-old boy raped by police in custody - other children illegally detained, held in shackles or tortured

, Index number: ASA 13/011/1993

Mohammad Shawkat, a 13-year-old street child, was raped by two police constables on patrol in Dhaka in July 1993, first assaulting him near where he was staying, and again in Azimapur police post. He was released the following morning. He disappeared from hospital after three days' treatment, possibly because he feared retaliation or was threatened by police. The two constables were suspended, but no charges have been brought against them. Street children are regularly picked up by police who extract bribes, beat, humiliate and harass them. Scores are held in detention without trial. In prison, children have been raped by fellow prisoners and by wardens. Some are shackled. Children are also subject to the death penalty.

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