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Venezuela: arbitrary detention / fear of torture: Josefina Guzman, Rafael Gonzalez, Rene Cedillo, Gladys Merida, Agustin Gonzalez, Argenis Gonzalez, Daniel Hernandez, Carmen Alyon, Luis Fernandez, Juan Contreras, Henry Gamboa, Randol Hernandez, Hilda Elen

, Index number: AMR 53/005/1995

Those listed above were arbitrarily arrested between 13 and 15 March 1995. They are being held incommunicado at the main DISIP (Directorate of Intelligence and Prevention Services) branches in different states. There are fears that they may be tortured during interrogation in incommunicado detention. These are the latest arrests in a clampdown on political and student activists in recent days. They appear to be connected to a national day of protest called for 16 March 1995 in response to growing economic and social problems in Venezuela.

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