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USA: Further information on Death penalty

, Index number: AMR 51/111/2000

Jessy San Miguel and Orien Cecil Joiner were executed in Texas on 29 June and 12 July respectively. Seven more prisoners convicted of capital murder remain scheduled for execution in Texas before the end of August. Their names and the dates on which the state plans to kill them are: Juan Soria, Latino, aged 33 (26 July), Brian Roberson, black, aged 36 (9 August), Oliver Cruz, Latino, aged 33 (9 August), John Satterwhite, black, aged 53 (16 August), Richard Wayne Jones, white, aged 40 (22 August), David Earl Gibbs, white, aged 39 (23 August), and Jeffery Caldwell, black, aged 37 (30 August). Caruthers Alexander, black, aged 51 has a stay of execution.

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