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United States of America: Imminent execution of juvenile offender (update II)

, Index number: AMR 51/064/1993

This document updates information contained in AMR 51/23/93 and AMR 51/28/93. Gary Graham, black, was convicted in November 1981 for the murder of a white man in May 1981. He was 17-years-old at the time of the crime. He has been sentenced to death by lethal injection on 17 August 1993. This is his third execution date. He had been scheduled to be executed on 29 April and on 3 June, but stays were granted pending a decision by the US Supreme Court in the case of Dorsie Johnson. On 24 June 1993 the court rejected Dorsie Johnson's appeal that the Texas law in force from 1976 to 1991 was unconstitutional in not allowing a defendant's youth to be taken as a separate mitigating factor at the sentencing stage of a capital trial.

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