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Further information on EXTRA 100/92 (AMR 51/121/92, 17 November; and follow-up AMR 51/125/92, 12 December) - USA (Missouri): Bobby Lewis Shaw (not Robert as was previously stated)

, Index number: AMR 51/041/1993

Bobby Shaw is scheduled to be executed on 9 June 1993. He had been granted a stay of execution to allow for an evaluation of his mental condition in a hearing held in March 1993. On 13 April, the judge ruled that he had sufficient understanding to meet the test of competency to be executed under state law, a finding which was disputed by a number of mental health experts who testified at the hearing. Bobby Shaw, 43, who is black, was sentenced to death in November 1980 for the murder of a white prison officer in July 1979.

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