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USA (Utah): further information on: death penalty / legal concern: John Taylor

, Index number: AMR 51/007/1996

AI regrets that John Taylor was executed by firing squad as scheduled in Utah on 26 January 1996.

EXTERNAL AI Index: AMR 51/07/96
26 January 1996
Further information on EXTRA 03/96 (AMR 51/03/96, 12 January 1996) - Death
Amnesty International deeply regrets that John Taylor was executed as scheduled
in Utah on 26 January 1996. John Taylor's execution was carried out by firing
squad. He was the second person to be executed by this method in the USA under
its present death penalty statutes. (Gary Gilmore was executed by firing squad
in Utah, in 1977).
According to press reports, John Taylor was strapped into a specially designed
chair, the seat of which was perforated so that his blood would drain quickly
away into a container underneath. Thick carpet was tied around the legs of
the chair to absorb the flow of blood. A blindfold was put over his head and
five police officers aimed their rifles at a target pinned to Taylor's heart.
Amnesty International is seeking more information at reports that a medical
officer was to locate John Taylor's heart and place a piece of fabric over
it as a target.
Thank you to everyone who sent appeals on John Taylor's behalf. No further
action is required, although letters expressing regret at John Taylor's
execution may be sent to the authorities indicated in the original action.

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