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UA 353/92 - "disappearance" / fear of torture / fear of extrajudicial execution: Miguel Jugo Viera (N.B. see further information on this UA, AMR 46/56/92)

, Index number: AMR 46/054/1992

Unidentified armed men in plain clothes reportedly abducted Miguel Jugo Viera in the city of Chiclayo on 11 November 1992. Miguel Jugo is a member of staff of APRODEH, one of the main independent human rights organizations in Peru. He was in Chiclayo to investigate the detention of 10 peasants involved in a land dispute. Witnesses to the abduction report that he was taken away in a red Volkswagen with the number plate JG 1167. Peruvian human rights groups believe that he was abducted by paramilitary agents working with the support or connivance of the security forces. The police have denied that Miguel Jugo is being detained.

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