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UA 304/92 - Peru: death threats / fear for safety: Magno Sosa Rojas, Necias Taquiri Yanqui, Juan Camborda Lodesma, Mario Cueto Cardenas, Daniel Quispe Perez, Carlos Condori Castillo, Severino Castillo Melgar, Donito Marmanillo, Carlos Valdes Medina (journ

, Index number: AMR 46/046/1992

The journalists and university staff members named above and at least 20 other song-writers, composers, traders and members of non-governmental organizations have been named on a leaflet reportedly issued in Ayacucho on 28 September 1992. The leaflet, issued in the name of a death squad calling itself the Movimiento Antiterrorista de Ayacucho (MATA), threatens those named in it with death.

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