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UA 388/93 - Peru: "disappearance" / ill-treatment / fear for safety: Ruben Ayllon Espinoza, Isabel Condori Arce, Antonia Arce de Condori, Johny Ayllon Espinoza

, Index number: AMR 46/039/1993

Ruben Ayllon Espinoza, a student of economics, was reportedly detained in the early hours of 10 September 1993 by police attached to the Regional Intelligence Office (ORI) of Huancayo. He has subsequently "disappeared". His detention was witnessed by his brother, Johny Ayllon Espinoza, who was seriously beaten at the time. Shortly before Ruben Ayllon's detention, police had burst into the home of Antonia Arce de Condori and her daughter Isabel Condori Arce, Ruben Ayllon's girlfriend. They threatened the mother, and beat Isabel Condori, who was held at gunpoint, demanding to know where Ruben Ayllon was. Isabel Condori claimed to have recognized some of the men that perpetrated the assault as members of the ORI. There is concern for all four's safety.

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