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Peru: "Disappearances" in Junin Department

, Index number: AMR 46/026/1992

This document reports AI's concern about the disappearance of 12 people from Junin Department in three separate incidents during February and March 1992. In one case, the "disappearances" followed the arrest of 10 peasants by a civil defence patrol with army support. The names of those detained and subsequently "disappeared" are: Percy Borja Gaspar, Angel Zanabria Ubaldo, Gumercindo Ubaldo Zanabria, Apolonio Lazo Rodas, Herminio Borja Rios, Fredy Gaspar Rios, Jose Nunez Huallpa, Ernesto Salome Bravo, Jesus Pumahuali Salome and Cesar Sanchez Castro. Four of them are teenagers. The other cases concern a 30-year-old builder, Moises Poma Ordonez, reportedly detained by soldiers early on 10 March 1992 and Yolanda Yauri Arias, a student, reported detained on 11 March 1992.

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