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Peru: Human rights since the suspension of constitutional government

, Index number: AMR 46/013/1993

This report examines the continued pattern of systematic human rights violations since President Albero Fujimori suspended consitutional rule on 5 April 1992. It looks at the new anti-terrorism decrees and AI's concerns about them. Cases of violations since April 1992 are cited, including "disappearances", extrajudicial executions, torture and ill-treatment, mass detentions and unfair trials, prisoners of conscience, and arbitrary detentions. The problem of impunity is raised. Abuses by the clandestine armed opposition groups, Partido Comunista del Peru (Sendero Luminoso), PCP, and the Movimiento Revolucionario Tipac Amaru, MRTA, are also reported. Massacres committed between January 1983 and April 1993 and statistics on "disappearances" and extrajudicial executions are appended.

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