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Peru: Torture / fear for safety / possible death in custody

, Index number: AMR 46/011/1997

Leonor LaRosa Bustamente (f), Mariela Lucy Barreto Riofano (f), both army intelligence agents: There is concern for the safety of Leonor LaRosa Bustamente, a member of the Servicio de Inteligencia del Ejercito (SIE), Army Intelligence Service, who on 6 April 1997 revealed on Peruvian television that she had been tortured by members of the army attached to the SIE. These fears have been heightened by another TV report of the killing on 22 or 23 March 1997 of a second SIE agent, Mariela Lucy Barreto Riofano, in circumstances suggesting she may have died in the custody of the security forces.

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