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UA 153/94 - Peru: arbitrary detention / harassment / torture: Francisco Alejos Morillo, Tomas Espinoza Castillo, Zacarias Zavaleta Castillo, Roger Cordova Castillo (arbitrary detention); Ermenegildo Morillos Alejos, Olimpo Alejos Mendoza (harassment); Mig

, Index number: AMR 46/008/1994

The above-named, all apart from Miguel Linan leaders of the Provincial Federation of Civil Defence Patrols of Sihuas, ahve been subjected to various forms of human rights abuse in recent weeks. The first four were reportedly detained on 20 March 1994 and detained incommunicado for 10 days before being transferred to police custody. The are accused of involvement with the armed opposition but it is believed that the real reason for their arrest is to restrict their freedom to organize an independent civil patrol. Ermegelindo Morillos and Olimpo Alejos were repeatedly harassed during March. Miguel Linan, former leader of the Comunidad Campesina de Tintayo was detained on 5 March 1994 and reportedly savagely beaten. He was released on 7 March.

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