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Panama: Further information on fear of refoulement / fear for safety: Refugee peasant farmers from the Uraba region of Colombia

, Index number: AMR 44/005/1997

Rosaira Velez Domico (f), Amalia Borgas Velez (f), Maria Dellanira Borgas Velez (f), Maria Margarita Borgas Velez (f), Maria Cladibel Guizao (child), Hildardo Antonio Guizao (child), Deisy Luz Guizao (child), Davinson Jose Muentes Vargas (child), Jose Muentes Fuentes, Euclides Osorio Fuentes, Luis Gomez, Luis Manoles: There is concern that the 12 refugee peasant farmers named above who fled from the Uraba region of Colombia and were detained by Panamanian police in April 1997 may be forcibly returned to Colombia where their physical safety would be at risk.

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