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Panama: excessive use of force / legal concern / medical concern: Traslacion Acosta, Vidal Concepcion, Alejandro Jimenez, Fermin Franco Cortes, Silverio Pimentel, Enrique Concepcion, Ana Acosta, Anselmo Acosta (aged 12), Liborio Concepcion - all members o

, Index number: AMR 44/002/1995

On 11 April 1995 the above-named members of the Ngobe-Bugles indigenous group were reportedly arrested without warrants following a confrontation with a special anti-riot squad of the national police. They had been demonstrating about the activities of a mining company on land which, they claim, are historically theirs. The detainees were taken to Panama City but lawyers working on their behalf secured their return to Veraguas. Liborio Concepcion, injured in the confrontation, is reportedly handcuffed to his hospital bed. Also detained are Anselmo Acosta, aged 12, and Ana Acosta, who is pregnant and without medical attention. AI is concerned about the apparently excessive force used by the police and is calling for the detainees to be charged with with a legally recognizable offence or released. AI is also calling for medical attention to be given to those in need.

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