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Mexico: Fear for safety

, Index number: AMR 41/058/1996

Razhy Gonzalez, Leticia Hernandez Montoya; Gloria Leticia Diaz (f), Maribel Gutierrez (f), Kenia Guzman Perez (f), Rolando Aguilar, Sergio Flores Hernandez, Jorge Arriaga Garduno, Angel Blanco Morales, Mario Garcia Rodriguez, Juan Angulo, Juan Jose Guadarrama, Carlos Yanez Cruz, Oscar Basave, Javier Trujillo, Hector Tellez; Uri Barreda, Misael Habana, Alejandrino Gonzalez, Ezequiel Fierro, Daniel Genchi, Arturo Luna, Julio Manuel Millan, Alberto Ramirez, Roberto Campos, Raul Vazquez, Javier Maciel Meza, Luz Amalia Orona (f), Heriberto Ochoa: There is serious concern for the safety of journalists covering news relating to the People's Revolutionary Army (ERP) after some journalists attended a secret ERP press conference. Razhy Gonzalez and Leticia Hernandez Montoya have been threatened and harassed. In addition, a subdelegate of the Attorney General's Office in Guerrero made a public statement accusing the other journalists of collaborating with the ERP which puts them at risk of human rights violations.

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