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Mexico: Further information on: possible extrajudicial execution / fear for safety

, Index number: AMR 41/033/1996

Killed: Marcos Olmedo Gutierrez; Wounded: Luis Cortez Salas, Pablo Artista Meja, Gregorio Vidal Juarez, Remedios Ortiz Fernandez (f), Miguel Angel Delgado Vargas, Ignacio Cortez, Elia Aguilar Rios (f), Luis Mendoza Cruz, Juan Cruz Suarez; Arrested: 34 people, names unknown; New name: Leticia Moctezuma Vargas (f): Concern for the safety of local activist and teacher Leticia Moctezuma Vargas has been fuelled by a series of threats, apparently made to stop her from continuing her work on behalf of Tepoztlan community, particularly after the incident in which Marcos Olmedo Gutierrez was extrajudicially killed. The 34 members of the indigenous peasants' organization Committee of Tepoztecan Unity (CUT) arrested on 10 April 1996 have all been released. However, arrest warrants have been issued against 100 members of CUT involved in the 10 April march.

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