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Mexico (Chiapas): Further information on possible extrajudicial execution / fear of torture

, Index number: AMR 41/016/1997

Killed: Fernando Gonzalez Perez, aged 22, Carmen Gonzalez Gomez (f), aged 25, Virgilio Sanchez Gomez, aged 17 (note correct name), Miguel Gomez Hernandez, aged 80; arrested: Mariano Perez Gonzalez, Abraham Lopez Gonzalez, Pascual Mendez Gonzalez, Mariano Gonzalez Diaz, Pedro Gonzalez Sanchez, and 20 other indigenous community members: There remains concern for the safety of members of the indigenous community of San Pedro Nixtalucum, arrested on 14 March 1997, who are reportedly being tortured and denied proper medical treatment in police detention. Twenty-four of those arrested have been formally charged, despite the apparent lack of evidence other than their forced confessions. Among those imprisoned are two minors.

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