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Mexico: fear of torture / fear for safety: Ramiro Arciniega Martinez, teacher and union leader, Gustavo Cervantes Perez, Martha Carrillo Lopez, 19, Javier Rosas Gomez, Francisco Aranda Tinajero, union leader, Victor Hugo Garcia Santiago, Francisco Guerrer

, Index number: AMR 41/009/1995

Fears for the safety of the 20 people named above have been increased by reports that at least one of them has been tortured in custody. Ramiro Arciniega Martinez, head teacher and leader of the teachers' union in Tehuacan, Puebla, was detained on 11 February 1995. He claims that he was tortured in the Reclusorio Oriente prison in Mexico city on 12 February, to force him to confess to involvement with the EZLN.

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