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Further information on UA 25/94 (AMR 41/01/94, 26 January) - Mexico: fear of "disappearance" / torture / fear for safety and new concern: harassment of human rights activists: Severiano Santiz Gomez, Sebastian Santiz Lopez, Hermelindo Santiz Gomez, and ot

, Index number: AMR 41/003/1994

The bodies of the three people named above were found near Morelia on 11 February. The three were arbitrarily arrested by members of the army on 7 January 1994 and reportedly brutally tortured before being taken away in a military ambulance. They were never seen alive again. These killings heighten fears for the lives of at least nine other people who have reportedly "disappeared" since the beginning of January. There is also concern at reports that members of the armed forces have been harassing grassroots activists and human rights monitors in the region to force them to drop claims that the army have been involved in human rights violations.

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