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UA 394/92 - Haiti: fear of "disappearance" / fear of torture: Jean Gardy, Patrice Joseph, Claudy Ganthier, Pika Buron and one other student, name unknown to Amnesty International

, Index number: AMR 36/060/1992

The five students named above have reportedly been arrested in Port-au- Prince in late November/December 1992. Pika Buron and another student were reportedly arrested on 12 December when members of the Anti-gang Investigation Service arrived to close down the Teachers' College of the State University of Haiti; Pika Buron is an active member of the National Federation of Haitian Students. Jean Gardy, Patrice Joseph and Claudy Ganthier were reportedly arrested at their homes in the early hours of 27 November by members of the Anti-gang Investigation Service. They were apparently accused of being supporters of deposed President Aristide. Their families have not been able to locate them.

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