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UA 384/92 - Haiti: possible extrajudicial execution / fear of extrajudicial execution: Jacques Derenoncourt and other members of the Comite National des Congres des Mouvements Democratiques (KONAKOM)

, Index number: AMR 36/055/1992

Jacques Derenoncourt, an engineer and an active member of KONAKOM, was reportedly abducted at about 2 pm on 2 December 1992 by armed men in civilian clothes. The following day, his body was reportedly found in his car outside Port-au-Prince. He had been shot in the head. It is thought that members of the security forces may have been responsible for the abduction and killing. AI is seriously concerned about the security of other members of KONAKOM, which has been the target of threats and intimidation since the 1991 coup. One other KONAKOM member has been killed and another remains "disappeared".

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