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UA 118/93 - Haiti: threats / harassment: Francilien Julien, Joanis Orasme, and staff and children at the orphanage "Lafanmi Selavi"

, Index number: AMR 36/013/1993

Amnesty International is concerned at recent threats and harassment against the children and staff at the orphanage for street boys "Lafanmi Selavi" (La famille c'est la vie) in Port-au-Prince, reportedly by a group of approximately 10 attaches (civilians working with the police) who have recently moved to a house nearby. On 12 April 1993 Joanis Orasme, aged 18, was approached by an attache who pointed a pistol at him and tried to detain him. On 16 April Francilien Julien, aged 17, was walking near the orphanage when he was arrested for hanging around the area. He was subsequently released.

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