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Further information on UA 417/93 (AMR 36/35/93, 26 November; and follow-up AMR 36/03/94, 21 January) - Haiti: fear for safety: Jean-Claude Thioffin ("Jean-Clou"), Balaguer Metayer ("Chatte")

, Index number: AMR 36/011/1994

Jean-Claude Thioffin was released on 24 January following an "interim ruling". He had been severely beaten in Gonaives prison after his arrest on 22 November 1993. Balaguer Metayer, who was also arrested on 22 November, was apparently brought before a court, but no ruling was made, and he remains in prison in Gonaives. He was reportedly beaten and threatened at the time of his arrest, and is reported to have been subjected to further beatings while in custody.

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