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UA 18/93 - Haiti: ill-treatment / legal concern: Jean Emile, Direct Jean- Baptiste

, Index number: AMR 36/003/1993

Two recent incidents of severe ill-treatment by members of the armed forces in Artibonite department have been reported to AI. Jean Emile was reportedly arrested on 22 January 1993, following an argument with the local rural police chief. He was allegedly taken to the police chief's home and severely beaten. He was taken then to the prison of Marchand Dessalines and later to St Marc Prison, without having been brought before a justice of the peace. AI is concerned about his physical condition after the beatings. Direct Jean-Baptiste was reportedly detained on 20 January 1993 when he refused to hand over his driving licence to soldiers; he was reportedly severely ill-treated. On 15 January he reportedly had had to pay 50 dollars to soldiers for the return of his confiscated licence.

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