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Further information on UA 123/92 (AMR 34/16/92, 15 April; and follow-up AMR 34/16/92, 28 April) - Guatemala: possible extrajudicial execution: Julio Cuc Quim (killed); Julio Felipe Sajche, Otoniel Estuardo Moran Aldana, Axel Oswaldo Morales Gaitan, Alfons

, Index number: AMR 34/064/1993

21 members of the Policia Militar Ambulante (PMA), Mobile Military Police, have been sentenced to 30 years' imprisonment for the killing on 10 April 1992 of student Julio Cuc Quim and the wounding of seven others. Seven members of the Huanapu unit of the PMA had previously been sentenced on 27 July 1993 to ten years' imprisonment, but in August 1993 this was increased to 14 years. The other 14 agents had previously been acquitted, but have now been sentenced for collaborating and failing to intervene.

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