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Further information on UA 36/93 (AMR 34/03/93, 12 February; and follow-ups AMR 34/05/93, 16 February and AMR 34/23/93, 6 May) - Guatemala: threats / harassment: Staff of the Asociacion para el Avance de las Ciencias Sociales en Guatemala (AVANCSO), Associ

, Index number: AMR 34/057/1993

There have been further reports of acts of intimidation against staff of AVANCSO. On 31 August 1993 a man entered the AVANCSO offices and went round the building. When staff saw him and questioned him, he was unable to give a satisfactory reply as to why he was there. The following morning the AVANCSO office cleaner, Maria Elena Davila de Torres, was intercepted by the same man, who reportedly beat her in the stomach, and issued a death threat to Helen Mack Chang. Maria Elena Davila de Torres had been attacked previously in February 1993.

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