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UA 374/92 - Guatemala: death threats / harassment: Maria Buthy Dardon Tejeda and members of her family

, Index number: AMR 34/049/1992

Maria (Miriam) Buthy Dardon Tejeda is the wife of Amilcar Mendez Urizar, president of the Consejo de Comunidades Etnicas "Runujel Junam" (CERJ), Council of Ethnic Communities "We are all equal". On 21 November 1992 she was reportedly accosted by two participants in a demonstration of about 150 members of the Civil Defence Patrols (PAC) outside the house of the Governer of Santa Cruz del Quiche. They forced her to the microphone and told her to denounce her husband; however, she managed to escape from the demonstration. The demonstration is reported to have been organized by the armed forces. Miriam Dardon has reported constant harassment since the end of last October, when her husband embarked on a human rights tour of the USA. He returned to Guatemala on 22 November.

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