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UA 218/93 - Guatemala: fear for safety: Elizabeth Recinos Alvarez de Leon, Eluvia de Salam

, Index number: AMR 34/045/1993

There is concern that the lives of Elizabeth Recinos and Eluvia de Salaam may still be in danger following their abduction on 17 June 1993 and subsequent release. According to reports, the two women were abducted in Guatemala City and driven away in separate cars. According to Elizabeth Recinos' testimony, she was interrogated, beaten and kicked repeatedly. Eluvia de Salam, a leader of the Social Welfare Union and a member of the National Federation of Guatemalan Union Workers (FENASTEG), was released on 18 June. Elizabeth Recinos, a leader of the Union of San Vicente Hospital, and a member of the National Assembly of Public Health Workers (ANTSP), was not released until 23 June. Both women are now believed to be in hiding, and there are serious concerns for their safety.

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