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UA 320/94 - Guatemala: threats / intimidation / fear for safety: Maria Eugenia Villasenor, Hector Raul Orellana, Mario Salvador Jimenez, Miguel Manuel Pacheco Cardenas, and their families

, Index number: AMR 34/037/1994

There is concern for the safety of Maria Eugenia Villasenor, Hector Raul Orellana and Mario Salvador Jimenez, all Magistrates of the Third Chamber of the Court of Appeals in Guatemala City. They have been subjected to a series of threats and other intimidation after they recently reviewed appeals in a number of controversial cases of alleged human rights violations. The latest reported incident occurred on 29 August 1994 when Judge Maria Eugenia Villasenor and Miguel Manuel Pacheco Cardenas, a police officer assigned to protect her, were threatened by three unidentified men.

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